Friday, May 27, 2011

O, THE JOY !!! : The Kyūshū Shinkansen Commercial

I discovered this video on youtube an hour ago while watching some videos on Japan's shinkansen, or Japan's bullet trains. I wanted to learn more about them since I plan to revisit Japan again this year, spend some time in Kansai area and ride the bullet train ^_^

After doing more searching on this video, I realized it was a commercial for the new Kyushu Shinkansen that connects the south west of Japan to the rest of the high speed rail system. In welcoming this new rainbow colored train, more than 15,000 people showed up along the Kyushu line waving and performing in one massive collective show of sheer joy and happiness at the sight of this new train.

At first, I did not know what the video was about since I could not read the Japanese title or description. Thinking it was a video of some event at a train station, I was tempted to click away to another video. I am GLAD I did not! 

Within seconds, this brilliantly moving commercial got my eyes fixed on the screen. Seeing the excited and happy faces of people waving and cheering, I had tears in my eyes and an overwhelming feeling of happiness ran through my body. Only one phrase was running through my mind: O, THE JOY !!!!!!!

That day,
Thank you for your waving,
Thank you for your smiles,
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now.
In Kyushu, we are full of new power.
From Kyushu, we should deliver happiness to all over Japan.
With you all, Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Akihabara: Another Great Video

I had a chance to check out more of the great videos by youtube and vimeo user darwinfish105. I came across the below video that portrays Akihabara in a way that I have never seen before: making it seem like a dream land.

Akihabara is an electronic district in Tokyo. It is known for its endless number of shops selling all electronic things imaganible. It is also famous for all the anime and manga stores and cafes catering to all otaku needs.

In contrast to its every day nature of being extremly lively, crowded, and full of lights, colors, urban noises, and cute maids; Akihabara is portrayed in this video in a very surreal, dramatic, and dream like way that makes this video worth watching many times over.

Hats off to the creator of this video. Please check out his blog here

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