Monday, July 4, 2011

Word Mosaics : Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

I always like art pieces that make me want to take a second and closer look at them to discover new meanings, hidden angles or surprises. I feel that they engage my analytical mind as well as my creative aesthetic mind at the same time; thus, compounding the overall experience. This is why I always enjoy mosaics and this why I like the digital creations of the Spanish artist, archetict and programmer Juan Osborne.

Juan picks and chooses words that are relevant to each subject at hand. The words, then, are spread, aligned and overlapped to render the desired art work. The words that are most common are the ones that are larger in size and most visible. The end result of this is a really great work of art that is very well done and worth a closer look.

Juan's work really gives a new meaning to how a picture is worth a thousand words.
Please make sure to visit Juan website here for more info on how he created each image, the words he used aven higher resolution images.

Note: Click on each photo to see it in great details.

Bob Dylan

John Lenon 


Winston Churchill 

Barak Obama 

The Rolling Stones 

House MD 


a celebration of women made out of 50 women poems 

Alfred Hitchcock 

The Oscars

Steve Jobs 

 Dove made out of hundreds of smaller doves

Paul Newman

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