Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Music Of Love

Over the years, National Geographic has presented some of the best photographs ever taken.

The below photos, titled The Music Of Love, was taken by Indonesian photographer Ario Wibisono (profile here) and was part of the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest (link). I came across some of the Ario's photographs before, but i think this one is by far his best work. It was taken at Tenganan Village at Bali, Indonesia, and shows a man playing music on a bamboo flute to brighten the face of a disabled child in the village whom he loves as he does his own children.

Out of the many submitted photographs, The Music of Love is the one that has touched me the most. It has simple elements, yet it conveys so much meaning, warmth and depth of human compassion and love.

source: the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest - People Gallery - Week 6

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