Monday, May 9, 2011

Natsumi Hayashi: The Levitating Girl ^^

Natsumi-chan is a young, beautiful and energetic aspiring photographer from Japan. I have been following Natsumi's blog for quite some time.

Throughout the past few years, she has developed her own unique style of photography: levitation self-portraits. Natsumi uses her high resolution cameras to capture really lively images of herself suspended in mid air! The frozen moment of her jump makes her look as if she is levitating. The resulting photographs carry such a great blend of vibrant energy, colors and an overwhelmingly positive sense of freedom that makes me feel great and uplifts my spirit every time I check her blog.

I could not find more info about Natsumi since her blog is in Japanese, but she seems to be a very talented person who attends many art shows and galleries as well as display her works in various photography events.

I wish her the best from the bottom of my heart and thank her greatly for the great feeling I get every time I visit her blog. Every time I am feeling upset or down, her photos remind me that there is so much beauty and uniqueness out in the world.

Please visit Natsumi’s blog here.

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