Friday, March 25, 2011

The Japanese Kimono: The embodiment of Beauty and Elegance

I had a conversation recently with a Japanese friend of mine who shared my love and appreciation for the Japanese Kimono. She liked the kimono so much that she decided to learn not only how to wear it, but also how to make it from scratch. Not many people know that wearing a kimono is not a straightforward task, but rather a lengthy one that might require the help of a professional dresser due to the various parts that have to fit together in a specific order and aesthetic style to form the overall mosaic of colors that expresses emotions, feelings, and feminine beauty.

By far, the kimono, in all its styles and types, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. It pleases the eye, uplifts the spirit, warms the heart and, in a mysterious yet elegant way, makes any woman wearing it more beautiful than ever. From the simple and minimal styles to the most complex and exuberant in colors and layers, the kimono remains the embodiment of all that is beautiful, classic and elegant. 

Series:  Sae feeling traditional



Series:  Ami Haruna - Yukata

Sakkou 先笄 #10

wedding in japan

wedding in japan

Wedding Photo in Studio


red kimono


Series:  Sae feeling traditional

Sakkou 先笄 #11




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