Friday, March 18, 2011

A 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

On Friday, March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan. This post is a week late as I was glued to my TV watching the 24 hour coverage on NHK. The earthquake triggered off one of the largest and most devastating tsunamis ever witnessed. Everyone by now must have seen the videos that circulated across all news channels. Countless aftershocks followed, ranging in intensity from 3-6 on the Richter scale, almost all over the northern part japan.

As if the enormous earthquake and the 10 meter high wall of water that followed and caused destruction and devastation on a biblical scale were not enough, two nuclear plants, each containing 3 nuclear reactors, ran into trouble. One of them is giving off large amounts of radiation and is on the verge of becoming a full blown meltdown crisis that can affect almost all of Japan. Some of my personal friends are stuck in nearby prefectures with no way of getting away as all roads have been closed, trains have been stopped, and gas stations ran out of gas.

Thousands of people lost their lives for no fault of their own. Thousands and thousands others are stuck in shelters where medicine and food have already ran out. Some lost their lives due to hunger and exhaustion, some due to illnesses that could not be treated in time. 

One cannot help but philosophically and, in my case, rhetorically  wonder: what was God thinking? Where is he now?

Please extend your help by donating to the Japanese Red Cross thru the Google Crisis Response page.

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