Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pour Paintings: Trippy & Psychedelic Art by Holton Rower

Here is a type of painting that I have never seen before: a pour painting. 

It is from a series of similar paintings by a New York artist called Holton Rower. The video titled "Tall Painting" was made by Dave Kaufman and featured on his YouTube channel here.

What makes this painting so cool is its mesmerising psychedelic feel. Once you start looking at the awesome trippy flow of colors and layers, you will not be able to stop; it is a totally hypnotic experience.

Check out Holton's website for more of his works here.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Am in The Mood for Love - John Lee Hooker & bonnie Raitt Duet

When it comes to music, my tastes and preferences are without limits. I don’t believe that one genre of music is better than others and I don’t think that it takes a very intelligent person to spot good music.

Having said that, I do, however, believe that one genre of music is at the heart of almost all others. It is the genre of music whose melodies and compositions have been mixed, mingled, expanded and allowed to grow and evolve, giving birth to other forms of modern music and greatly influencing how music is composed and played. That genre is the blues. The blues has a very strange way of talking to my soul most eloquently, it makes me sway along with it, laugh, cry, clap my hands or even jump up high.

John Lee Hooker is a god amongst the gods of blues. One of his very memorable songs is the one titled “In the mood”, a song that will live for eternity.

The old music video posted here is of a duet performance with Bonnie Raitt. It is from back in the days when MTV was worth watching.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The GREAT Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door : A true Gem

Here is a priceless video of Bob Dylan performing the all time unforgetable hit: Knockin' On Heaven's Door.

Truly amazing and worth listening to many times over.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Word Mosaics : Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

I always like art pieces that make me want to take a second and closer look at them to discover new meanings, hidden angles or surprises. I feel that they engage my analytical mind as well as my creative aesthetic mind at the same time; thus, compounding the overall experience. This is why I always enjoy mosaics and this why I like the digital creations of the Spanish artist, archetict and programmer Juan Osborne.

Juan picks and chooses words that are relevant to each subject at hand. The words, then, are spread, aligned and overlapped to render the desired art work. The words that are most common are the ones that are larger in size and most visible. The end result of this is a really great work of art that is very well done and worth a closer look.

Juan's work really gives a new meaning to how a picture is worth a thousand words.
Please make sure to visit Juan website here for more info on how he created each image, the words he used aven higher resolution images.

Note: Click on each photo to see it in great details.

Bob Dylan

John Lenon 


Winston Churchill 

Barak Obama 

The Rolling Stones 

House MD 


a celebration of women made out of 50 women poems 

Alfred Hitchcock 

The Oscars

Steve Jobs 

 Dove made out of hundreds of smaller doves

Paul Newman

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morcheeba - Blood Like Lemonade

Morcheeba is a UK band made up of three talented members: 2 musically brilliant brothers and a vocalist who has an angelic voice straight out of Heaven.

I listened to many songs by Morcheeba in the past. Unfortunately, since moving back to the Middle East, I became pretty much cut off from the music and art scenes that I used to enjoy. Naturally, I was ecstatically overjoyed when I discovered their songs on YouTube here

Morcheeba creates music that is an elegantly refined downtempo blend infused with chillout, electronica, soul, and R&B elements and accompanied by blues and soul inspired lyrics and vocal style. The below video of their latest release, titled Blood Like Lemonade, will give you a feel of what I mean.

What makes this song so beautiful is the contrast between the dark lyrics and the smooth trippy music that flows most brilliantly.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Barn Cat. National Geographic Photography by Laura Jean Peterman

The barn cat, as its name implies, thrives in rural areas on farms and in barns.  These strays keep away from people and will flee if approached and if cornered, they can be extremely ill tempered and may bite, hiss, and spit.  This group showed that even though these cats can be indifferent to people, they undeniable loved each other! 

Photo and caption by Laura Jean Peterman

source: National Geographic Weekly Wrapper - April 2011 - Week 2

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Neither Here Nor There: A Kitten Riding a Turtle

Here is a super adorable and cute video of a kitten hitching a ride on a turtle's back. It really made my day.

Cats are just super cute !! and smart too, they made it to Broadway for God's sake  ^_^

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand Tour Of The World

In 16 minutes, this outstanding HD video will take you in a quick tour around the world showing you ordinary human faces going about their daily lives in the early hours of the morning. The lively sounds and voices make this video quite as real as being at those places and, in a way, a really uplifting experience.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Music Of Love

Over the years, National Geographic has presented some of the best photographs ever taken.

The below photos, titled The Music Of Love, was taken by Indonesian photographer Ario Wibisono (profile here) and was part of the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest (link). I came across some of the Ario's photographs before, but i think this one is by far his best work. It was taken at Tenganan Village at Bali, Indonesia, and shows a man playing music on a bamboo flute to brighten the face of a disabled child in the village whom he loves as he does his own children.

Out of the many submitted photographs, The Music of Love is the one that has touched me the most. It has simple elements, yet it conveys so much meaning, warmth and depth of human compassion and love.

source: the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest - People Gallery - Week 6

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Friday, May 27, 2011

O, THE JOY !!! : The Kyūshū Shinkansen Commercial

I discovered this video on youtube an hour ago while watching some videos on Japan's shinkansen, or Japan's bullet trains. I wanted to learn more about them since I plan to revisit Japan again this year, spend some time in Kansai area and ride the bullet train ^_^

After doing more searching on this video, I realized it was a commercial for the new Kyushu Shinkansen that connects the south west of Japan to the rest of the high speed rail system. In welcoming this new rainbow colored train, more than 15,000 people showed up along the Kyushu line waving and performing in one massive collective show of sheer joy and happiness at the sight of this new train.

At first, I did not know what the video was about since I could not read the Japanese title or description. Thinking it was a video of some event at a train station, I was tempted to click away to another video. I am GLAD I did not! 

Within seconds, this brilliantly moving commercial got my eyes fixed on the screen. Seeing the excited and happy faces of people waving and cheering, I had tears in my eyes and an overwhelming feeling of happiness ran through my body. Only one phrase was running through my mind: O, THE JOY !!!!!!!

That day,
Thank you for your waving,
Thank you for your smiles,
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now.
In Kyushu, we are full of new power.
From Kyushu, we should deliver happiness to all over Japan.
With you all, Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Akihabara: Another Great Video

I had a chance to check out more of the great videos by youtube and vimeo user darwinfish105. I came across the below video that portrays Akihabara in a way that I have never seen before: making it seem like a dream land.

Akihabara is an electronic district in Tokyo. It is known for its endless number of shops selling all electronic things imaganible. It is also famous for all the anime and manga stores and cafes catering to all otaku needs.

In contrast to its every day nature of being extremly lively, crowded, and full of lights, colors, urban noises, and cute maids; Akihabara is portrayed in this video in a very surreal, dramatic, and dream like way that makes this video worth watching many times over.

Hats off to the creator of this video. Please check out his blog here

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slightly Darkened Streets of Tokyo

Tokyo is truly a mega metropolis of lights. Photos of Tokyo or any of its streets and crossings are always great assortments of colors, lights and shapes, making it one of the most photogenic places on Earth.

Sadly, as a result of the latest earthquakes, tsunami and the ongoing Fukushima crisis, Tokyo has lost some of its sparkle.

Through its awesome cinematography and it splendid visual beauty, this very well done time-lapse video shows the effects of the power shortage that Japan is going through at the moment.

I highly recommend all other videos by the same artist (viemo and youtube user darwinfish105).

Please make sure to visit his vimeo page here and his youtube channel here

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Natsumi Hayashi: The Levitating Girl ^^

Natsumi-chan is a young, beautiful and energetic aspiring photographer from Japan. I have been following Natsumi's blog for quite some time.

Throughout the past few years, she has developed her own unique style of photography: levitation self-portraits. Natsumi uses her high resolution cameras to capture really lively images of herself suspended in mid air! The frozen moment of her jump makes her look as if she is levitating. The resulting photographs carry such a great blend of vibrant energy, colors and an overwhelmingly positive sense of freedom that makes me feel great and uplifts my spirit every time I check her blog.

I could not find more info about Natsumi since her blog is in Japanese, but she seems to be a very talented person who attends many art shows and galleries as well as display her works in various photography events.

I wish her the best from the bottom of my heart and thank her greatly for the great feeling I get every time I visit her blog. Every time I am feeling upset or down, her photos remind me that there is so much beauty and uniqueness out in the world.

Please visit Natsumi’s blog here.

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