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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Japanese guy getting Turkish Ice cream

Here is a funny video i stumbled upon. A Japanese guy trying to get a Turkish ice cream, referred to as Dondurma which is usually served in a unique and entertaining way that is unique to Turkey.

Poor Japanese guy looking very confused.


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Christian the lion: a truely touching story

Christian is the name of a lion whose true story of his reunion with his previous owners touched the hearts of millions.

In 1969, Christian was purchased, when he was a very young cub, from a zoo by the London's Harrods department store and kept locked up in a cage in the basement. One night, Christian escaped from his cage and destroyed some of the merchandise at the store. The store manager became eager to get rid of the troublesome cub and decided to sell it immediately when was asked by John Rendall and Anthony "Ace" Bourke who, upon seeing him locked in the store's basement, fell in love with the little cub and decided to care for him.

Rendall and Bourke cared for Christian in their London apartment till he became a year old then, due to Christian's growing size, decided to move him to the basement of their own furniture store where they created living quarters for the young lion. They even obtained permission from a local vicar to allow Christian some exercise time at a church graveyard and took him regularly on car rides and day trips to the seaside.

As Christian became bigger and bigger, Rendall and Bourke found it more difficult to keep him in London and decided to reintegrate Christian into his homeland: the African wilderness of Kenya. They were assisted by George Adamson who was a British wildlife conservationist, commonly referred to as the Father of Lions as he was able to raise and introduce lions to the wild successfully.

In 1971, after hearing of Christian's successful introduction into the wild, Rendall and Bourke decided to visit Christian but were told by Adamson that Christian might not remember or even recognize them. Rendall and Bourke decide to try nonetheless and were filmed in a documentary titled Christian, The Lion at World's End.

The below clip from Christian The Lion shows the touching moment of reunion between the fully grown Christian and his old friends who rescued him from a metal cage when he was a tiny cub, raised and cared for him for so many months.

here is a more detailed article about Christian by the Daily Mail titled Christian, The Lion who Lived in My London Living Room.

some photos:

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Monday, August 9, 2010

August 6, 1945 8:15 A.M : I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds

Nuclear fission and fusion are one of the best things man has ever been able to achieve. Massive amounts of energy is harnessed from a hand-full of nuclear fuel.

However, man has consistently shown, throughout evolutionary history, his tendency to turn things into means for killing others in good numbers. On the other hand, with every lap of time and generations, humanity seems to grow in intelligence and evolve slightly beyond the minuscule realm of its lower reptilian brain. All the recent efforts for nuclear disarmament are proof of that.

However, some still lag behind. I am always distressed whenever some unstable country pursues nuclear weapons. Some still thinks of nuclear war heads as some normal type of weapon.
A combat type of weapon is something that i can probably understand, but a weapon that has to be dropped on large urban areas for its full effect to take place will only harm civilians. It cripples nations because it obliterates its civilians, not because it destroys tanks and sinks warships. To me, a tactical weapon designed to destroy military facilities, warships, ..etc seems to be much more efficient than a nuclear warhead in destroying the enemy's war arsenal.

A nuclear device destroys inhabited cities along with all its inhabitants for no fault of their own.

I still look forward to a world that is free of nuclear threat.

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to explode in the sky, that would be like the Splendor of the Mighty One. I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds."
Bhagavad Gita.

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Darth Vader on New York City Subway

Improve Everywhere is one of the coolest things around. Hats off to them for their daring and super cool pranks. I have watched some of their pranks on youtube for quite some time. The one that really made them sky rocket in popularity was their infamous no pants subway ride back in 2008, but the Star Wars scene acted on a New York city subway, among normal day-to-day commuters, is probably the best so far. I will be keeping an eye on them and will post more in the future.

enjoy :D

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