Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another fine creation by Schiller

Here is another fine piece of music by Schiller. The video is shot in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan: one of the most magical cities on earth.
As always, Schiller creates perfection. The music has a beautiful sense of growing child-like curiosity, wonderment and discovery.

Enjoy ^_^

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Schiller - Lichter

Schiller is one my very favorite artists. His music is the kind that engulfs the listener's being in a torrent of emotions and taps into the soul. It has a great quality to it that makes it a worthwhile experience to listen to.

One of my favorite of his pieces is the one titled "Lichter". Below is the video of this great piece of work. The music is composed beautifully. The melodies flow magically and effortlessly . "Lichter" creates a variety of mixed emotions. A great sense of loss befalls and soon gets infused with nostalgia and reminiscence in an ever growing intertwinement that paints, in the listener's mind, a fragmented mosaic of rejoice and despair.


Update: As the below official music video has been removed from youtube, i have added the second video which has only the music track of Lichter

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Impressive Drawing Skill

Here is an awesome video of a Japanese artist and character designer by the name of Uno Makoto (or Ino) drawing a female character by the name of Meiko. He is simply amazing, skillful and just really impressive.
it is like making love in photoshop ^^

Ino is a well known artist for making some of the most beautiful female characters in Japanese animations.

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