Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creative Japanese Barcodes

The most boring part of any product is probably the printed bar code. When was the last time you decided to take a close look at barcode printed on the back of your, say, beer bottle?

Well, a Japanese company by the name of Bar Code Revolution decided to create various designs to this mundane collection of vertical lines to make them awsomely cute and cool.

Only in Japan would someone come across such creativity.

check it out.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning Drive Thru Tokyo !!

I stumbled upon the below video on youtube the other day. It really made my day. Being a passionate lover of Japan, I certainly had a blast thru this virtual drive.

The video is really well made, too. Watch it in full screen HD and you will see why I am very excited about it.

I suggest that you check out the rest of the videos made by the same guy (cat2525jp, channel here). He really puts out some good stuff.

Enjoy ! :)

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I AM BACK !!!!

Due to my crazy work schedule I had to stay a way for sometime. Now it seems that i am back and ready to join the 21st century once more.

so, where were we? hmm