Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Seed Cathedral: The UK Pavilion at Shanghai 2010 World Expo

I have not followed the Shanghai World Expo. I did, however, watch the opening and closing ceremonies.
While reading about it and the various pavilions, I came across a very unusual and striking pavilion: the UK Pavilion.
The UK Pavilion featured a large scale outdoor art piece that looks very eye catching, beautiful and surreal in the same time: The Seed Cathedral. It has been designed by Heatherwick Studio. It is basically a 20m high building that celebrates the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and their Millennium Seedbank. The Seed Cathedral is constructed out of "60,000 transparent 7.5-metre long optical strands, each of which has embedded within its tip a seed. The interior is silent and illuminated only by the daylight that has filtered past each seed through each optical hair."  No need to illuminate the interior of the structure as the optical strands glow at night from being exposed to the Sun during the day light ! 
The Seed Cathedral is quite a beautiful piece to gaze out for a while. At first glance, one might think that the building is out of focus as it appears formless and without boundaries or edges. A second glance will really show the beauty of the structure and the effort that went into its designs and its 60,000 strands.

Hats off to the team from Heatherwick Studio.

Click on each photo for more details. Source: The Heatherwick Studio.

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