Thursday, March 11, 2010

National Geographic Photography

I came across the below photos on the National Geographic website which is one of my favorites.

"The arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) is well suited for frigid weather, from its short muzzle and ears to its furry soled paws and thick, bushy tail. This photograph illustrates the camouflage effect of the winter-white fur in the snow. The stance shows the fox is poised to dart away, yet his curiosity holds him in frame just long enough to capture those vibrant, piercing eyes staring warily into the camera lens." source here

"This puffin was collecting twigs for his nest. Taken in Skomer Island in Wales. Skomer is a marine nature reserve and is home to puffins at the start of spring till late summer." source here

"Grizzly cubs are unpredictable. At one moment they look at you with their intrigued eyes, and suddenly run away scared by unknown behavior. These two seven-month-old cubs thought that holding hands would make the danger disappear." source here

"As sure as moonrise over Possession Island, king penguins gather each year for "ecstatic display." Puffing their chests, lifting their heads, and belting out calls, birds of both sexes advertise themselves. Before long, pairs form and join a crowd, and breeding season is on." source here

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