Thursday, March 11, 2010

Most Touching Gravestone

Losing a loved one is a big ordeal that often leaves people scarred for life.

It is often said that lovers are connected via some sort of spiritual thread that pulls them together for eternity. It is not unusual to sometimes see people fall ill and probably pass away as a result of the emotional and spiritual trauma left by losing their loves one. People often try to keep their deceased lovers' memory alive in their everyday life in various ways such as keeping photos, personal belongings, ..etc. They also express and cherish their undying love in various ways.

Below is one of the most beautiful and touching sculptures I have ever seen that is a gravestone commissioned by a widow to express her eternal and unbound love for her deceased husband.

The sculpture, titled "Asleep", was created by Australian artist Peter Schipperheyn in 1987 and is at Mt Macedon Cemetery, Mt Macedon. Victoria, Australia.

"This sculpure came about as a result of knowing a remarkable individual who in many ways changed my life", read more about the sculpture on the artist's website here.

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  1. How lovely to see a tribute that is emotionally truthful without being syrupy and exaggerated; plus the opportunity to contribute to the artistic environment within the cemetery and display the talents of a sculptor.

  2. I mourn the loss of beautiful cemeteries. They are supposed to be testaments to the dead, but now they're just flat green pastures with metal plates in the ground. I hope that beautiful art like this will inspire others to make monuments of their love and their life that will stand for all time. - Morgueanna

  3. There are so many posts about this gravestone but only YOUR blog provides some information about it. Thank you for that! I kept searching for some info and at least i found it. :)