Sunday, February 7, 2010

Odd & Bizarre High Heels

I was reading some stuff on the internet the other day about some cool 3D computer graphic designs.
I came across a strangest 3D design of high heel shoes made by computer artist and graphic designer Tim Cooper on Design World . I gotta say that they caught my attention.
This got me to read more about strange footwear design. Further searching lead to other photos.

here we go :)

This is the Tim Cooper Lamborghini themed high heel shoes. Looks very cool
Here are some odd designs:

Adjustable heels with a height range of 4-10cm , made by designer Natalie Cosette Thorne, source.

This is probably the strangest of all: the Mojito Shoes. a wavy and cool design, made out of carbon fiber and laminated with rubber at the bottom and leather on top. Made by designer Julian Hakes, source.

Wire Shoes by designer Polly Verity. source.

Glass Shoes by designer Martin Margiela. source.

Hoof Shoes by Iris Schieferstein. source.

Origami Shoes, which can be folded, by Catherine Meuter. source.

also other bizarre ones. couldn't find the designers. If you know, plz lemme know

Chair Shoes.

Nail Shoes.

Claw Shoes

Of course,all this made me ponder the beauty, allure, and glamor that high heels radiate . They really do accentuate the female form and give off a sophisticated feminine aura...(ok..maybe not all the above ...the hoof ones are definitely a big NO)

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