Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Japanese Invention: Paper Shredder that Gives Out Toilet Paper !!

I had a discussion recently with a friend of mine about a strange dream he had about an odd unknown device that sits in a room corner. My friend went on describing his fascination with this unknown thing that looks like some sort of a cleaning device.

Well..on that night... I watched an interesting report on France24 about an a strange device that sits in a corner of a room and has something to do with cleaning. It a paper shredder but unlike any other. This one takes in paper but gives out rolls of toilet paper !!!!
The new device called "White Goat" is a a great and innovative Japanese invention by a leading office products and services company by the name "Oriental".
White Goat takes 30 minutes to mix in shred of 40 paper sheets with some water to produce one roll of toilet paper.
I wonder what happens to all the ink on the paper. What would someone do if they have to use toilet paper dotted with ink? hmmm...

Very nice device tho, eh ? Price tag is $100,000 !!!

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