Saturday, February 20, 2010

Me & My Cat !

The funny looking yawning cat in the above image which I stumbled upon on the internet carries a lot of resemblance to my cat. It made my day at work a little bit brighter and had me laugh all day. When all the laughs were out, I was suddenly filled with a great sense of nostalgia.

From some of my posts here, you can probably tell that I really love cats. They are really cute, funny and smart animals. As pets, they learn what they should and shouldn’t do around the house very quickly. They can even somehow sense when you are happy, angry, playful, or depressed and behave accordingly.

Up till recently, I used to have an adorable short-haired black cat. He used to do the funniest things around the house like sticking his head into everything that has an opening and then meowing for me to get him out, trying very hard to get inside any kitchen drawer within reach, following my mouse pointer or shiny spots on screen like crazy, camouflaging himself in between my black shoes or hiding underneath a chair or a table then playfully jumping at me whenever I pass by, having a staring contest with me while blinking one eye, or even getting OVER EXCITED and TOOO PLAYFUL and JUMPY whenever I play any blues music on my computer. He was a source of too much joy that often lifted my spirit and saved me from many depression episodes that usually make their attack every number of months.

His name was Blacky. He never responded to it, though. Maybe because various people (friends and neighbors) used to call him by different names like Fudge, Snowball, Kitty, Eight ball, Little evil thing, or simply Cat !!! You can’t really blame the guy for not knowing his name. I used to whistle whenever I wanted to get his attention and he seemed to respond to this very well.

More than two years ago, he simply ran into me, anxiously meowing and rubbing up against my leg. He was a tiny kitten at that time that seemed lost and confused in a very big parking lot with lots of cars moving in and out. With no sign of his mother around or a caretaker, I decided to take him out of the parking lot and into my home. I thought maybe the poor guy had probably been abandoned or simply lost his mother. After cleaning his little paws, showering him and feeding him, he slept like a small baby. Strangely, for several days after that, he would always get scared and frightened of car noises and even have lots of nightmares. I knew about the nightmares because I used to see him twitch and struggle a lot in his sleep, often waking up all shook up and meowing. This made me often wonder what kind of difficult time he had as a kitten. Was he simply abandoned there on his own? Did he find himself alone after losing sight of his mom or did he miraculously escape a passing car that did not spare his mother? I never knew anything about his past and never found any answers to any of these questions. Despite all this, Blacky grew up very fast to become a very energetic bundle of joy and a source of great happiness for me.

A few months ago, Blacky walked out one night to play outside. He never came back and was nowhere to be found.

Only true pet owners can truly comprehend the idea that a pet can really become its owner’s best friend .
Where are you now, Blacky?

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