Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impressive Shadow Art

Kumi Yamashita is a very creative artist with impressive works of art made in most unusual ways. She is well known for using ordinary objects to create art out of shadows !

Wooden building blocks arranged on a wall that when lit from the right, casts a silhouette of a woman walking. This piece is part of Boise Art Museum collection at Boise, Idaho.

In this beautiful piece, a thin metal object is fixed on the wall. When light is casted from above, the silhouette of a couple appears. This piece is on permanent display at the 3rd floor of Stellar Place Sapporo JR Tower which is Commissioned by Japan Railways Inc.

Here, a silhouette of a man's profile appear when the beautifully arranged alphabet wooden blocks are lit from the left.

Here, a wooden object is fixed to the wall that will casts a silhouette of a figure when lit from below. This is on permanent display at Akiru Municipal Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan which is commissioned by Akiru Municipal Medical Center.

Aluminum objects placed on a wall that, when lit from the left, cast the silhouette of a couple holding hands.

Another thin metal object that will casts the silhouette of a girl when lit from above. This on permanent display at the entrance hall of Takikawa Hall, Hokkaido, Japan

This is my favorite. Here aluminum number blocks are arranged on the wall so that when light is casted on them from the right, a beautiful silhouette of a woman appears. The woman is actually laying her hand on the hand rail. This is on permanent display at the 2nd floor of Nanba Parks Tower, Osaka, Japan.

Here, Kumi Yamashita beautifully creates an image completely out of military shoe prints on a bed sheet !!!! Impressive, eh? take a close look to see for yourself.

Another awesome creation by Yamashita where she displays a portrait of a boy made from a single threat moved around and around. If you look closely, you will see the initial threat starting point at the bottom right corner

Here, Yamashita astonishes me one more time. A portrait of a person is made by taking a normal silk tissue and rubbing it over his credit card with a conte crayon !!!!!!!! if you look closely you will the string of digits

Make sure to check out Kumi Yamashita's website for more right here.

Below is a subtitled youtube video from a Japanese show about visual artists that featured Yamashita with some of her works and took a closer look at her work.

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