Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hate Mail From Third Graders

I was looking into the PBS website just know and came across this very funny and cute letter sent by third graders who are very upset that Pluto has been stripped off of his title as a planet of the Solar System.
The fact that Pluto has been demoted from the long-held status of a planet to a piece of frozen rock orbiting around the Sun at the outer edge of the Solar System was a apparently a cause of great concern for these third graders who decided to voice their opinion strongly about this, some in favor, some against


"Why can't Pluto be a planet? If it is small, doesnt mean that it doesnt have to be a planet anymore. Some people like Pluto", source here

"I think Pluto is a real planet and I took a poll of 11 people", source here

"We are sorry about giving you mean letters" source here

"Science will make you smart", source here

Lonely Pluto, source here

"Pluto is a planet !!!!!!!", source here

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