Monday, November 23, 2009

Patrol Officer Writes a Ticket with a Cat on his Head !!

Keith Urban is one very patient police officer from Texas. Officer Urban had just pulled over an SUV in a farm driveway when a little black kitten decided to be extremely friendly with him.

The video, captured by the patrol car’s dashboard camera, shows a very curious kitten hastily approaching Officer Urban. The very friendly kitten decides to cling to him, climb up on Officer Urban to reach his head, then moves down to his hand as he is writing the ticket.

I wonder what the SUV driver was thinking as Officer Urban was writing the ticket with a cute cat on his head, climbing up and down trying to get attention.

Very cute video though.

Story source: The Telegraph

One more video with commentary

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

FEMEN H1N1 Protest, Ukraine

After my last post about the Swine Flue masks, I discovered that Ukraine is in particular crazy about Swine Flue.

Well, a women's group by the name of FEMEN has put up a very original and quite an unusual protest to ease the public. The members appeared in the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine wearing only underwear made out of Swine Flue masks.

I gotta say, I am feeling at ease myself. I am sure the whole Ukraine is feeling a lot better now.

more info about FEMEN here

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H1N1 Fever

The swine flue is certainly making people crazy.

man riding the bus in L'viv, Ukraine. Source: here

wearing a swine flue mask at Manila International Airport, Philippines. Source: here

dog in china. Source: here

newly weds in L'viv, Ukraine. Source: here

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Beware, Cats Use Subliminal Messages, Purr-fectly !!!!

Here is a piece of astonishing news from the BBC. It really confirmed something that I have always suspected and so have other cat owners.


Blacky, my cat, always wakes me up in the morning around 5 or 6 A.M. He always purrs in a way that has some sort of embedded subliminal messages like “feed me...feeed me...feeeeeeeeeed me...… look at my cute eyes....heeeeaaaarr meee”, Very hypnotic, I tell ya.
He uses the same trick at night too. Like most, if not all, other cat owners, I always fall for it and Blacky gets his food instantly.

Well, it turned out that this particular purr is something that cats have developed purr-fectly for this very purpose: to lure and exploit innocent unsuspecting humans.

Dr. Karen McComb lead an intriguing research at the University of Sussex. It was found that cats use a “soliciting purr” to overpower their owners for food and attention. This soliciting purr contains a “cry” that has a similar frequency to a human baby; which is something we are very sensitive to and, thus, makes it very hard to ignore.

Listen to Dr. McComb explaining the soliciting purr below.

Dr. McComb's cat, Pepo, employs his secret weapon.
Source of video is here, from the University of Sussex webpage for Mammal Vocal Communication & Cognition Research Group.

Well, there you have it folks !

Read the full story at the BBC here.

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Very Funny

I dont know why but this photo had me laugh ALL DAY !!!

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