Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Incredibly Detailed Cityscapes Drawn from Memory !!

Stephen Wiltshire is an incredible artist with a very unique talent. He has the the ability to draw very meticulous and detailed panoramic views of cityscapes from memory after flying over them in a helicopter ride for a few minutes, only !!

As a child, Stephen was mute and, therefore; had no language and did not relate to other humans. He was diagnosed as autistic at the age of three. At the age of five, it was discovered that Stephen enjoyed drawing a great deal and had a great talent. Drawing was his way of communicating with other. At the age of eight, he started drawing cityscapes from memory.

Stephen is a well known artist the world over for this incredible talent and had drawn several panoramic views of several cities such as Tokyo, London, New York, Dubai, Jerusalem, ..etc.

make sure to check out his webiste for a lot of other drawings.

I leave you with the following photos.


New York:




A street in New York:

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