Sunday, November 22, 2009

FEMEN H1N1 Protest, Ukraine

After my last post about the Swine Flue masks, I discovered that Ukraine is in particular crazy about Swine Flue.

Well, a women's group by the name of FEMEN has put up a very original and quite an unusual protest to ease the public. The members appeared in the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine wearing only underwear made out of Swine Flue masks.

I gotta say, I am feeling at ease myself. I am sure the whole Ukraine is feeling a lot better now.

more info about FEMEN here

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  1. As a Turkish man I'd like to congratulate you support,Your have been an example to the whole world and the real presence of women did you remember,the existence of living.

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  3. Ukrainian Femen has made me realize, that I love women and especially ukrainian ones..Keep on your good work for healthcare, against stoning and male chauvinism etc..Greetings from Sweden.