Sunday, November 15, 2009

Curious Penguins Strike a Pose

Penguins, in my opinion, are some of the cutest creatures around. They have an adorable look and a hilarious side to them. A friend of mine, however, believes that if you take a really close look at their faces, you will find out that they have an unmistakable evil look and a hidden dark side from being in the cold for thousands of years. Well, I don’t really argue this point much with him because, according to him, he discovered this after watching the two Madagascar movie and the sequel that came after it.

Anyways, the Metro Newspaper published two nice photographs on Nov 13, 2009 taken by photographer David Schultz, 53, who had been to Antarctica recently. David left his camera on a tripod unattended for some time and watched as three very curious emperor penguins approached him to take a closer look at his camera. Two of the penguins faced the camera while the other moved behind it, as if taking a photograph. David was able to capture that perfect moment in a very nice photo that has been widely distributed by the media.

After the three penguins got bored they left. Afterwards, a bunch of little inquisitive chicks came over. David was again able to capture a perfect moment of a penguin family posing for the camera.

Here are a few more by David Shultz:

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