Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Talented Mice Pose with Musical Instruments

A while back I stumbled upon the following photos of at the Sun newspaper some awesomely talented mice: Moppy and Witje . They were trained to hold miniature musical instruments in different poses. Their owner, Ellen van Deelen from Roosendaal, Holland, used treats to train her cute mice and took some incredibly cute photos.

Check out her album here.

Enjoy :D


The cutest one of all

very cute

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  1. these are just pure quality!

  2. This is so sweet rat play the piano or guitar its very interesting.The musical instruments are found everywhere the raw materials.

  3. ..That's a rat. Not a mouse. There's a huge difference.
    And frankly... given your other pic of a bunch of hamsters called a "rat pack"... I think you should maybe not be adopting any rodents. Since you obviously can't even tell them apart.