Friday, October 30, 2009

A Buddha Statue Made Out of Bugs in a Tribute to Their Souls !!!

Do souls really exist?
Is the soul the collective effect of neurons firing in the brain? Is the soul really some supernatural entity that is separate from the vessel it occupies?

Well, an 89-year-old man by the name of Namura Yoneiji from Gumma prefecture, Japan believes that not only souls do exist, but also every living creature has one.
In a tribute to the souls of all the bugs that died, Yoneiji created a Buddha status made out of dead bugs, mostly beetles. Yoneiji spent 6 years and some 20,000 dead bugs in creating the great and symbolic work of art.

In his words as read on, Yoneiji says “For children in the years immediately after World War II, Japan was poor and there was little entertainment available, aside from catching bugs. However, every bug would eventually die after being caught. By making a statue of a Buddha from their dead bodies, perhaps their souls can rest in peace.”

very interesting, don't you think?

You gotta love the Japanese.

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