Saturday, October 31, 2009

Art Work Made out of Brown Packaging Parcel Tape !!

I have recently stumbled upon some great unconventional paintings at the Telegraph newspaper site. At first, I thought they were some computer generated images, but, after a closer look, I discovered the interesting part in the way they were made.

Artist Mark Khaisman, originally from Ukraine but working in Philadelphia, used nothing but 100-meter rolls of regular brown packaging tape. The parcel tape was used as a wide brush. Strips were layered over each other on top of clear Plexiglas sheets to create different levels of shades. The final work is placed in front of a light source to give the image its final shape.

Using this ingenious and original method, Mark Khaisman created stills of some of his favorite movie scenes as well as some other great images.
Make sure you check out his website.

Movie stills:

Spellbound (1945), Ingrid Bergma

Pick Up On South Street (1953)

Pick Up On South Street (1953) with Murvyn Vye and Jean Peters

Pick Up On South Street (1953) , Jean Peters and Richard Widmark

Dark Passage (1947) with Lauren Bacall

Pick Up On South Street (1953), Richard Widmark and Jean Peters

and other great works:

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